Grovo. How to improve the learning experience.

Grovo is one of the best discoveries that I have made this year (also if it has been presented in 2010 and received prizes since 2011). This start-up based in New-York is an online learning platform  that explains how the most popular websites and business tools are working. And, welcome back to school, it explain the functioning thanks to real lessons that you can attend virtually alone or with friends.

It combines voiceover and animations which are completed by quiz, notes and glossary terms  about the key aspects of the class in order to understand perfectly the subject, creating a real point of view of the matter.

It presents two modes of registration: for free offering a lot of classes of every type (interesting for an average user) and a “premium” one giving you the acess to all the contents (everyday wider database) and explaining some tools to enhance productivity.

How the website is useful to understand a topic that you don’t know is clear as soon as you look at the website but, also, from the point of view of a company it is a precious tool that helps everyone not to lose time on explaining how to to use a tool with a great design and a perfect usability.


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