“Nintendo Power” will cease publication after 24 years.

I still remember the days, some years ago, when I discovered the magazine Nintendo Power. Since I am finicking like hell, I started reading from the first issue (july/august 1988) to the latest ones in order to understand the evolution of the editorial line. I was gladly surprised that, alike many gaming magazines owned by a gaming producer, after the 2007 it got independent (from an in-house publication to a licensing agreementure with the american editor Future Publishing) and, in many cases, it contradicted the point of view of the brand.
Probably, considering the decline in readers and the reliability of the online sources, Nintendo will focus on a more digital experience for its fans and is not anymore interested in a licensed publication.

A pity. Another masterpiece of the gaming old world that disappears (after GamePro last year). Many “aficionados” will remember you forever.



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