Dropbox…or else?

It’s a long time that I’m using dropbox, sharing files with friends, colleagues and classmates during my ancient universitary period. Since a long time I believe that sharing data by mail is dead and data are conferming my opinion.  But is dropbox really the best solution?

lately, I’m using this service also with people that are not computer savvy and, sometimes, it’s difficult and annoying to explain how to download dropobox and how to perfectly use it. For this reason, I think that it cannot be used for domestic purposes.

Esploring the Net i tried many file-sharing  services and listed the best 3. They don’t require to be downloaded, to open an account or to learn the interface. Just drag and share your files.


My favourite one. You just need to drag your files and it automatically creates a link to download the uploaded files. You can share the link via Facebook, Twitter, Reddit or email. The person who receives the link can preview the images, dowload, rename or remove them…or upload more canvas. Without registration, the files expires after 60 days. More than enough for sharing them with everyone you know.


This is the fastest way to upload single files. It immediately creates a short and unique link that you can share with everyone. It’s the fastest one but it’ doesn’t allow to see any preview and you cannot upload several files at once. Perfect for small files that need to be sent in the fastest way.


Similar to dropcanvas, you can upload many files, share them and the receiver can rename the folder and delete the files. What’s relevant is that is completely integrated with Gmail and Outlook and that you can share the files on Facebook, Twitter and Google+. Registering to a free account you can also keep the files and view statistics about them.


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