Instacube. An unnecessary gift for Instagram maniacs

Since the first time I noticed Instacube on Kickstarter, I immediately remarked how useless it is. But, unlike many other Instagram viewers, it has many integrated options that are a delicacy for Instagram maniacs.

After connecting it to your wireless and your Instagram account, it shows you the feed that you want (your photos, the ones of your friends or the most popular ones). What’s more you can witch between the feeds and like the pictures with a heart-shaped button on the top.

Instacube is runned by Android and i’ts perfectly portable (recharged by a lithium battery).

The device is planned for Q2 2013 and it has already reached the $250.000 pledged (there are still 24 days to go and $326.000 gathered) so why not thinking about it next year as birthday present of one of your Instagram maniac friends (everyone has at least one)?



2 thoughts on “Instacube. An unnecessary gift for Instagram maniacs

  1. I’ve backed more than two dozen kickstarters this year, but I’ll admit that this one has me at a loss.

    It’s right up there with the android handheld gaming device posted last night. Though it has utility greater than a straight android phone for some purposes no doubt, I just don’t see it as being necessary.

    Good Article.

  2. Thanks David. I actually wanted to back the project pledgin $99 (because the “reward” is an Instacube and I believe it will cost more than this price when it will be out) but it was sold out. As I said, I think is a perfect gift for friends (since nowadays people have everything and what they need is an unnecessary cool gift) but I believe is completely unnecessary for other reasons.

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