Android conquers the space!

After the landing of Curiosity on Mars, understandably, all the attention has been focused on this major event. But this is not the only Nasa project on the go.

In fact, Nasa is planning for the end of 2012 the launch of mini-satellites powered by Android and by the Smartphones Nexus One and Nexus S.

This project is called “PhoneSat” and will make the Nasa understand if a mini satellite with a smartphone can really operate, gather and send data from the space. Two prototypes have been buildt by now. The first one is called PhoneSat 1.0, a 10×10 cm cube and includes a Nexus One, external batteries and it will be monitored by a motherboard circuit which will reboot the Nexus One if necesaary. The second prototype  is called PhoneSat 2.0. It includes a Nexus S, solar arrays and a GPS. The satellite is controlled from the ground by a radio and the solar panels allow to embark long.duration missions.

The mission has been prepared since 2010 and the Nexus One have been launched succesfully on rockets in order to test it at high speed and altitude.

The purpose of this project is to launch inexpensive satellites composed by commerical hardwares that don’t require ulterior research. For this reason they are working with products and hardware that are available in normal markets.

ImageJust one last consideration:

Samsung and Google once again reveal to be innovative, ecletics and part of the future. Ironic question: why Nasa didn’t choose iPhone and its iOS?


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