Level 10 M. The future of gaming mouses?


Comparing this game mouse to a basic gray mouse is like comparing a high-preformance car to a family van“. This is what the makers of the Level 10 M, gaming mouse created in partnership bewteen Thermaltake and BMW, said.

The materials are first-class since the same alloy is used by aeronautics. The design is really innovative (the top part is peirced allowing a good ventilation for the hand). The internal software cand read the DPi rates and adjust them automatically to the program or game you are using. Finally, alike the majority of the top quality gaming mouses, the top part is adjustable in lenght and inclination.

I personally think that it cannot be considered an evolution but the DPi reader is surely an interesting innovation that will be used in every next generation gaming mouses. At the moment, still fascinated by the classics, I prefer my old but beautiful R.A.T. 9.

As the BMW Press release explains, the mouse will be available in all the retail stores and online shops of Europe and US for the price of 99$.


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