Zynga and Farmville 2. A Death Spiral.

Yesterday Zynga launched the the sequel of its most important title. This time, the universe is entirely in 3D and the company promises an innovative farming experience through amazing visuals and beautiful animations.

Farmville 2 allows the players to improve quickly their farms thanks to a new kind of players called “Farm Helpers”. These minions will be your friends whom, after being invited, can control and manage one part of your farm.

The problem in all this is that, apart for the mandatory innovations(the 3D grafic and the more social environment cannot be considered innovations but a bad restyling of an old product, like DNF), Zynga is not really investing in new ways to attract users but just pushing the existing ones. The new features awards the hardcore users, requiring to disturb more and more their friends helping in a more direct way the building of the farm but it’s not tempting new users to play the game.


Frankly, I was expecting more from Zynga, which, since  along time seems not able to produce good titles (preferring the acquisitions rather than the creation) and which cannot shift from these old facebook titles to good-quality and innovative games integrating Facebook and mobile use. At the moment I think Zynga is entering in the death spiral of Atari in the ’80s but I hope will understand the market and leave it before the final fall.


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