Need an Audio Editing Tool? Here you are my 3 favourite programs.

Who doesn’t dream about editing its own soundtrack for his favourite movies during the spare time? Sometimes I do believing that some comedies need more drama, more classical musics (and the most of the times…Metal).

In my trials, I tested many programs, always looking for the most user-friendly, simple but complete ones. In this post I’m reviewing three of them reporting the ones that i prefer in terms of usability and features.

My favourite one is surely Soundforge 10 pro. This product by Sony is a bit expensive but allows you to import every type of file and to add a huge number of effects (pre-loaded). What’s more it has a real user-friendly processing tool which permits an eclettic use. You can use it to clear live recordings, write music and, what’s interesting for me, easily edit existing files.


Reaper: the feature that made me choose this one among many similar products is the light-weight and its customizable options and plug-ins. This customization makes the application easy for amateurs and complete for professionals. Also the price varies from $60 for personal use or for non-profit purposes to $225 for a professional licence.


Adobe Audition CS6: Powered by Adobe and Jason Levine (video/audio evangelist of Adobe. Here his Vimeo and Twitter), this program is apt to the people that already know the Adobe interface. Similar to the other Adobe editing tools, it’s really easy to approach for amateurs but difficult to master.  It supports all the extensions that you may know and it has a broad range of effects which allow you to edit and compose simple or difficult tracks. Finally the clear layout allows you to easily mix the tracks, process simultaneously a lot of files and much much more.


Since all the programs that I proposed all not for free, friends told me that a really good free editing tool is Audacity which has its own wiki for understanding all the features. (I’ve never tried it but “experts” say it is comparable to the three that I reviewed).


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