FOUNDD. The Startup for groups of Movies Aficionados

I need to introduce FOUNDD by saying that it doesn’t just suggest you tailored movies for a single user but it also allows groups to find a movie which everyone would like to watch.

This second feature is twisting the concept that providers like Hunch or Netflix (obviously not available in Europe) are carrying on since a long time. FOUNDD makes you understand that watching movies alone is fun but watching them with friends is even better.

This service works starting with some movies to rate in a scale from 1 to 5 and the engine automatically suggests you movies similar to the ones you previously gave the best grade. And that’s not all. Since it permits the creations of groups of maximum 5 people (all with their preferences and grades set), the results are tailored on everyone’s preferences. Good news: the algorithm is well made and the choises presented are highly acceptable (rarely it showed up results that were different from my preferred ones). Every time you found a movie that you would like to watch you can add it to a watchlist or download it directly from the links provided (the downloads are not for free but you can still go to dvd shops and rent it).

The main page of the website reveils that is the future this service will be applied to many categories (books, apps, games, tv shows and clips) but, at the moment, only the movie one is available.

Now it’s time to try it out. Just one suggestion for your future selections: never evaluate movies of Will Ferrel with good grades because FOUNDD will suggest you some of the worst Will Ferrel’s movies (and also giving the worst grade, it will continue to show you these useless and shameful movies).



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