Pac-Mac & Super Mario meet Portal.

Developers sometimes have nothing to do. That’s a fact. But, since are developers, they always find something to do. This equation brings to the creation of two games which integrate the videogame Portal to the two most famous games of history: Super Mario Bros and Pac-Man.

The first one, called Mari0 is available to free download here and it enpowers Mario with a Portal gun adding puzzle game mechanisms. As you’ll see in the video presentation, this fusion remains fluid and gets a new fun dimension. The game allows to play in 4 (every player had his own portal gun) and, thanks to a map editor, you can modify some features (dowloading a map pack) enhancing the game experience.

Pac-Man: The Portal has been created by Russians developers and the introduction of a Portal Gun radically modifies the game. In a certain way it makes it easier allowing you to easily escape to phantoms. Everytime you shoot a portal, it shows you where you will appear in the map and the orientation of this one changes depending on where you shoot it. The longevity of this gameplay is really short (compared to the Super Mario Bros version) but it’s still worthed to give a try. It can be downloaded here.


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