The Fancy. The revolution of the e-commerce.

Recently launched in Europe, this half social network / half commercial website is sustained by web-eminences like Jack Dorsey and Chris Highes and by well-known figures of the show-business like Kanye West, Ashton Kutcher and Bon Pittman. It is aimed to remodule the e-commerce experience. How? Twisting the concept of e-commerce.


The fancy doesn’t provide you the products that are looking for, indeed, creates the trend and push you to buy the promoted ones. In order to do that, in the search section you can pick your interests and you’ll land to a list of items selected by a community of “trendsetters”. Once you discover your favourite products, you can “fancy” them as your favourites and, if you want, you can share them on the social networks. After having chosen the product that you want to buy, you can select them and you’ll be redirected to the e-commerce store of the brand.

1500 brands and retailers are already partners to this website which is reaching 1.5M active users. Resuming: the base is well structured, the website is working, the users appreciates the business model and are really receptive.

But what’s next? If this model is driven by the trendsetters, this means that the brands will work more and more with influencers trying to attract them and make them choose their brand among others. A new branding battle is launched!


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