Project 1794. When reality meets Science-fiction.

The 50’s. Us Air Force signs a partnership with the Canadian company Avro Aircraft limited in order to build a disk-shaped craft. Their plan is to create a vertical land-off and landing craft, with propulsion jets to steer which could reach the speed between Mach 3 and 4 with a ceiling over 30km and a range of 2000km. This project, unfortunately, is abandoned in 1956.



The estimated cost, as revealed in this document declassified some days ago, to carry on this prototype, was estimated around $3,168,000. Not that insane for this type of project. The final summary development revealed the initial project to be more performant than the estimated expectations in term of control, propulsion and range. Just a pity that didn’t continue in this line; we could have seen a real science-fiction aircraft and, nowadays, we could all ride a cheaper model of this saucer craft instead of a car. Just another dream that didn’t find its access to reality.


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