Gallivant. The future of Travel Websites

Old-school travel websites. Adieu. It’s time to rest in peace and to leave the scene to new, design and labelled online travel guides.

Gallivant is exactly what the future of travel websites should be. Intuitive, an epurated design without useless animations, drawings or kitchy logos. Designed by the creators of Uncrate and Devour (actually the aim is exactly to arrive where Uncrate cannot) and powered by Cadillac, if features awesome photography and detailed reviews.
This website is a work in progress. At the moment, It feature just a bunch of cities around the world (the majority is, doubtless, North American).

It is concentrated within 5 axes: accomodations, food, drink, shops and events and all the reviewed places are exclusively off-the-beaten-track, trendy but not relegated to upscale customers. It targets almost esclusively middle-high level male customers giving them all what they need to have a superb trip but all the addresses can also be taken in consideration by a female target. Apart from the design and the topics, what I found practical and, at the same time, innovative is the to-do-list Agenda. It is at its embrional stage, since I would have preferred a bit more complete agenda whith the possibility  to categorize my saved addresses and organize them in a timeline. But still, the possibility to save my addresses directly on the website is time saving and effective.

Travel guides websites are springing up everywhere but good websites are still missing. Hopefully Gullivant and similar websites will lead the way to new, functional and beautiful concepts.


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