Hitachi and the eternal storage

Say Goodbye to magnetic disks. Since 2009, Hitachi is working on the prototype of a storage support that could eternally preserve data. It is not a magnetic support, it is not an organic support. It is a squared 2cm x 2mm piece of quartz. In collaboration with the University of Tokyo, this data storage support will be a pioneer in the technologic environment as the CD and the DVD have been. With a big difference. This time, data won’t be lost within a few decades but their life spam will be eternal (or at least, hundreds of million years). Quartz is super resistant, water proof and can bear more than 1000 degrees. SO it will definitely survive in the case of global warming or in the case the earth will be covered by water.

How is it working? A sculpting machine writes data in binary form engraving four layers of points inside a sheet of glass. Thanks to this system, data won’t be at risk in case of scratches on the surface.


The prototype is ready and working but it will be commercialized on 2015. The first customers will be governmental, religious organizations, museums and companies that need to keep a track record of clients and marketing. Domestic use is not expected at the moment, but, as all the major innovations, it will arrive in our houses sooner or later. And at that point we could drive spaceships and, if we will land in a foreign world and be massacred by aliens. In this case we will have the possibility to leave a track record of our discovery (and how we have been killed). Yes. Quartz storage is another sci-fi technology that has already become reality.


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