Tehnika Molodezhi. Russian futuristic enthusiasm during the Cold War.

I was thinking of Russia as cold, rational or, at least, less fancy concerning the space conquer and the imagination of the future. But that is not the case. Some days ago, Tehnika Modolezhi, a Russian technological magazine for teeenagers, published the covers of the magazine from 1952 to 1975. What comes out is that we don’t see any red star, any sickle nor hammer but colorful spacecraft or white collars going to work with their last floating car.

Also in Russia, as Philip K. Dick wrote, they were “Dreming of electric sheeps”. Thanks to this publishing we can notice that Russian dreams about the future during the cold war was exactly the same as the American one. It was characterized by a positive feeling of discovery and innovation thanks to the launch in orbit of the dog Laika and, four years later the first successfull orbital lap by Yuri Gagarin.

The feelings of optimism which permeates from these drawings made me rediscover Communist Russia.

Ah. there is als the Death Star!


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