Let’s Date. The new generation dating app.

Nowadays there are so many dating websites that we cannot really count or list them all. The majority is (I believe so) creepy, full of weirdos, trolls and the majority of the accounts are fake or not at all corresponding to the effective reality. The main questions about dating websites now is: how to track the user’s location, how to understand if their profiles are real and not created by trolls who wants just to pur your life? The answer is easy: oblige the users to create an account with Facebook Connect and take in consideration just the FB accounts with at least 50 Facebook friends. I, personally, don’t date online, but, as soon as I noticed this new application, I found that was the good way to the evolution of this market.

Who found this simple solution? Let’s Date‘s team, which was once behind SuicideGirls.com. After operating more than 10 years on the successfull website, they applied their community managment experience to launch this application that, probably, will represent the future of dating applications and websites. Without naked and tatooed girls.

The modus operandi is simple. Once you log in with Facebook Connect, the application fill in a Dating Card. This Card is the sum of the analysis of your facebook interests, favourite quotes and some questions about yourself. What’s more, and I find it particularly smart (but not surprising) is the possibility to hide everything from your Facebook friends. Eventually your purpose will be branching out of your sphere and meet new people.


What is completely innovative in Let’s Date is the wonderful design, that shows how and why Suicidegirls became one of the most popular websites ever. All the decisional process is based on the scroll of the Dating Card. Viewing it, you can draw lines on the interests that don’t match with yours. By banning what you don’t like, the app take these data in consideration and proposes you people that could result a better match. Once decided to date a person, you can choose directly on the app where to see the person (restaurant, cinema etc…) and who pays. The other person can decide whether meeting you or not and, if he/she doesn’t agree with the location and the date (or, of course, propose a new location and date)

Image Image

There are only two problems that can be fixed easily. In the first place, the application is just for iPhone and iPad, so you will only date other people with an iPhone (I would never date an Apple girl) but is justified since iOS, for the moment, is the best one in terms of engagment rate and monetization. Secondly, the app is only available in the San Francisco area, but the developers promise that, soon, it will be expanded to other regions.

Finally, as I said, I wouldn’t use it for dating people because of personal reasons but I appreciate a lot the equation Interactive design + simple usability + safety for services that till now has been creepy and badly designed. For sure, like every corner of the IT world, you must be careful of what you do, but the fact of trying to limitate the weirdos is already a good evolution point.


3 thoughts on “Let’s Date. The new generation dating app.

    • Unluckily they haven’t planned any BB, Android or Windows Phone versione yet. I believe they’ll wait the results of the second semester to plan the app for other OS. But still, the app is so well designed that, surely, will become one of the most used apps of 2013. 🙂

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