uBiome. Crowdsourcing science

For $79 uBiome will tell you the flora and fauna composition within your body. This company is looking, thanks to a crowsourcing campaign on IndieGogo, at the the human microbiome, so the bacteria that lives within us. Studying the bacteria let us analyze our allergies, our strenght against antibiotics, dietary composition, obesity and..bacterial vaginosis (if you are a man they will discover if you are active carrier).

But why they should crowdsource the study on the sequencing of the human microbiome instead of relying on public or private fundings?  In the launch press release, Jessica Richman, uBiome CEO and vice-President, says that her company believes that biological information will follow the same evolution as internet did. Citizens,  thanks to health companies allowing the widespread of informations and machineries, will be empowered to explore their own genes at home and will be more and more conscious of the possibilities of the science and of what they could do alone.

The concept of citizen science is really interesting also from a statistical point of view. In fact the more poeple join the community, the more statistically powerful and relevant will be the project. If everyone  sends their microbiome data, uBiome will dispose of many data which will be used to answer questions and investigate about illness and diseases.

At the moment the pledge has been extremly successfull (the company reached $270k, $170k more than the pledged chifer). Will other companies follow uBiome and start to crowdfund their studies and projects or will this innovative company be the only one in following this path? Just time will tell us. For the moment, let’s have a check about our microbiome.



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