Couch Cachet helps you to fake your social life

We all know that Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and, especially, Foursquare exist for showing the other how cool your life is. What’s more, your earn badges showing it. And what’s more frustating than knowing that our life is as cool as our friends’ one?

But there is a solution to FOMO? I present you Couchcachet! Fear Of Missing Out is one the worst enemies and state-of-mind of everyone. Living in Paris I noticed that most of the peope use Foursquare not for gaming purposes but just for showing off how cool they appear checking in fashion places and restaurant of the Ville Lumiere. But there is a big problem in Paris: life is frustrating, expensive (especially cool places) and the most of the times we just don’t have time to go out. Couch Cachet is what lazy asses (like me sometimes) need in a big city.


Exploiting the Mashery API, this application hacks the social networks discovering good and trending spots near your position and check you in. In order to make everything more realistic, it shares instagrams pictures and tweets concerning these cool activities.

The interesting point is that you can choose the kind of activity selecting your target and your social life. This app is at the embrional state and has a clear joking purpose but, I believe is one of the funniest and most interesting foursquare apps. And maybe it will partially resolve the FOMO problem. Maybe…


2 thoughts on “Couch Cachet helps you to fake your social life

  1. luca says:

    the application looks interesting but these applications all look the same, maybe the graphics and the browsing experience make the difference …

    • When I wrote the post, it was the first time I saw this kind of hacks. Nowadays they are widespread to every kind of applications. Once I read about this kind of service for…Snapchat. That’s crazy, I can understand the need for publicly tagging yourself in cool places on 4square but Snapchat represents a really intimate place.

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