Pixel Press. Draw and play your own game

The players just need to draw on paper what they want and the software automatically transforms the sketches in levels for a video game. That’s the principle at the very base of Pixel Press, a new application for which Roundthird, a software house from Missouri, is demanding 100.000$ on Kickstarter to bring to life.

Pixel Press can be possible thanks to OCR system, using the camera of the phone or the tablet to digitalize the sketches which must be drawn on a downloadable premade grind. After having taken the picture, the map, the traps and obstacles are immediately transposed inside the video game.The gameplay is simple: the virtual character must climb five floors inside a room in order to reach the exit and win the level.The users can test the levels and furtherly personalise them modyfing the skin. Once created the users can share them in order to get an evaluation and improvement suggestions from other players.

Pixel Press

The author of Pixel Press, Robin Rath, says that he has been inspired by the video games of his enfantry like Super Mario or Metroid and it’s easy to see these references in Pixel Press. At the moment it is just a prototype. Rath and his developpement team launched a campaign on Kickstarter in order to rise the money for perfectioning the OCR system and finalize the game.

I personally believe that this application is not just a nostalgic tool for people born in the 80s but also a perfect way to stimulate creativity on kids whom are exposed to more and more complicated games. Having the possibility to manage the movements and to draw a level helps everyone to really understand from a young age logics that normally are reserved to programmers.

So, if the project if fully endorsed and the 100k gathered, future player could find it in the appstore (and, if they reach 350k, in Google play) at Q4 of this year.


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