FLowboard: the presentations to the next level

Until last year there was desktop and laptop computer to create presentation. From this year on they’ll be created on tablets (at least, for the moment is just iPad). Before there was Powerpoint, then Prezi and Keynote, now there is Flowboard.


Flowboard, which is recent but it has already released the 1.1 update, is trying to be the best tool for interactive storytelling. The founder, Brent Brookler has been recently interviewed by techcrunch and, thanks to a simple presentation, explains how simple is the approach to the app and how epurates and simple is the design of this free app.

What he did was simple: he chose a template available on the app, he imported some media and manipulated the uploaded object thanks to touchscreen. Then he showed that there is the possibility to, easily, zoom on a specific object in order to deepen the presentations making it more detailed and more focused. The result looks great on the tablet but it could be imported on desktop and mobile having it available at full compatibility on every device.

Brookler said that they are not trying to compete with power point since they don’t have charts or bullets because they are more focused on storytelling.

What I believe is that, nowadays, storytelling is replacing charts (which are useful in attachments and in internal communication but not anymore in clent and external presentations). Of course we could use power point, prezi or Keynote, which have always revealed to be a perfect tool, but if we really want to amaze the attenders we want to have our presentation made with flowboard.

Here you can find the presentation on Techcrunch.